Book Series
Book design isn't just my profession, it's also my passion and hobby. I love nothing more than bringing stories to life through creative and eye-catching design.

︎︎︎Grimm’s Fairy Tales
The three zines revising Grimm's tales demonstrate how design elements can influence the interpretation of a story. The typeface-only zine emphasizes the text's literary value, while the photo-only zine provides a visual representation of the story. The typeface and photo combination zine blends both elements to create a dynamic and immersive reading experience.

︎︎︎ Chicago Trip
Chicago Trip is about journey in spring break. All the illustration are done by myself and it is printed in riso.

︎︎︎ Tous les Jours
The book is about my side job, working at Tous les Jours. Here are some tips from working in a bakery cafe located on 32nd 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

︎︎︎ Popped out Brick

The book design for "Popped Out Brick" features the brick as the main design element, reflecting the story's focus on a brick climbing wall that allows access to a playground in a wealthy village. The use of brick in the typography creates an anticipation for the reader that the brick plays a significant role in the novel.

︎︎︎ Holiday gift guide

Holiday gift guide for Rambrandt, the most famous painter in the Baroque period. As the Baroque period is characterized by decorative elements and gold colors, all its elements are referred to.